Thursday, September 1, 2011

Monologues for Middle School published

I'm excited to announce that two of my original monologues for middle school age actors will be published by Dramatic Publishing in a new collection coming out soon--ORIGINAL MIDDLE SCHOOL SCENES and MONOLOGUES.

The two pieces are titled POWER PLAY and TELLING STORIES, and the short monologues are perfect for competitions or drama classes.

For more information, contact me.

Where the heck have I been?

Ah, good question.  For one thing, I've been trying to survive the drought from H.E.Double-Toothpicks here in Texas.  So far, so good, and doing that while simultaneously trying to remodel a VERY old (1930) home in Taylor, Texas.  That's like vintage, man.  It's been a dream of mine for years to do this, but didn't have the chance until recently.  Working on the house has left little time for writing much more than a few blog entries at my new Two Sisters 1930 Cottage blog. In the process of working on the house, I have come up with a few dandy ideas for plays and novels based on some of the characters I've met.  My lips are sealed!  For now.

In playwriting news, my ANNIERELLA play has chalked up a few more productions and my newest full-length fairy tale twist-up, PRINCESS PRIMROSE & the CURSE OF THE BIG SLEEP, won Third Place in the East Valley Children's Theatre Aspiring Playwriting contest for 2011.  Yay!  That's my second win with the great folks at the EVCT.

More news later.  And oh, by the way, why not consider doing a fun comedy play for a fund-raiser for your school, non-profit group, church or community event?  I have a GREAT Christmas play that needs a production.  Just sayin'....  :-)

Happy trails from HOT Texas!

bobbi c.