The Journal of Mina Harker

A hilarious vampire spoof inspired by the classic DRACULA by Bram Stoker.

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Who IS the mysterious Count that purchases Carfax Abbey, near Dr. Seward’s “bloomin’ looney bin” of a home, outside London?  Is he a blood-suckin’ fiend, or just a nice older gentleman who loves a good meal, creeps about in the middle of the night to borrow an onion from a neighbor, loves nicely ironed shirts, drinks copious amounts of wine, and wants to make sure his new home near London has nice curtains?

Read The Journal of Mina Harker to find out!

And can you see Mr. Renfield as a poet?  You’ll laugh ‘til your sides split when this crazy fellow is on stage….and he’s “Doin’ the Renfield Rap!”  But watch out.  NEVER mention the word….FLIES! around him.

Daniel (not ”Jonathan That’s a Different Book”) Harker as a gourmand who loves to cook?  Lovable, but a bit dense.

Mina, a no-nonsense young woman who MUST always wear a gigantic hat?

Then there’s her best friend Lucy.  Ditzy, crazy, sweet, and very fond of pheasant feathers.  And babies.  ;-)

Delightful word play, a cast of quirky, crazy characters…and yes, there are the required flapping bats and howling wolves…that’s The Journal of Mina Harker.

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