More than you Ever Wanted to Know....about Bobbi C.

Native Texan author Bobbi A. Chukran writes fantasy, mystery and gothic fiction and comedy.

Bobbi started writing short stories and plays when she was very young (although back then they were sci-fi adventures with submarines and aliens). She eventually grew up (although some would debate that) and turned her attention to other types of writing.

Bobbi's first book was published in 1984. She spent the first 25 years of her career writing non-fiction books and magazine articles. In 2004, Bobbi turned her attention to fiction, and her first murder mystery novel, LONE STAR DEATH, was finally published on her 50th birthday.

Since then Ms. Chukran has written prize-winning comic fantasy stage plays, poetry, and early readers for children. While writing the plays, Bobbi discovered a talent for writing comedy, and has since published spoofs—THE JOURNAL OF MINA HARKER, PRINCESS PRIMROSE & the CURSE OF THE BIG SLEEP,  CATTYWAMPUS CHRISTMAS (AKA DOT & the (AMAZING TECHNICOLOR) QUEST FOR THE REAL SANTA CLAUS) (Limestone Ledge Press) and Texas-style plays/fairy tale adaptations—ANNIERELLA & the (VERY AWESOME) GOOD QUEEN FAIRY COWMOTHER and LITTLE RED RIDING BOOTS & COOTER COYOTE, MASTER OF DISGUISE. Both of the plays are published by Brooklyn Publishers.

Bobbi's short works have been published in Mystery Readers Journal and online in Mysterical-E, the Clockwise Cat, Kings River Life, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature and Southern Humorists.  Bobbi's first gothic horror short story is forthcoming in Dark Eclipse E-Magazine.

Her "Nameless, Texas" small-town mystery comedy series includes the novella DYE, DYEING, DEAD and a number of related short stories.

HALLOWEEN THIRTEEN—A Collection of Mysteriously Macabre Tales was also just published and is Ms. Chukran's first collection of short fantasy, gothic and speculative fiction.

Bobbi lives and gardens in central Texas with a husband and a large colony of cats—both feral and tame. She blogs obsessively at http://bobbichukran.blogspot.com and maintains a lackadaisical website at http://bobbichukran.com.

Bobbi's Amazon Author page can be found here, with information on all her books:

Bobbi in black and white

Bobbi as artist, with painting in the Cedar Park Regional Medical Center collection

Bobbi as cat mother.  Of course Blanca loves that dress,why wouldn't she?

Bobbi in a handmade necklace, a joint online project with other artist buds

Dreaming of Moonpies

The real Bobbi?  Nah, it's just Halloween.