Over the years, some of my short stories have been published online.  Some are mysterious, some are macabre and all of them are strange. Here is an updated list. All are Copyright ©2014 by the author.

Winged Crusader. A strange fantasy/crime story that will appeal to those who like birds. And roses.

New review of the TV show Murder in the First, starring Taye Diggs and Kathleen Robertson: 

Mistaken Identity
Published just in time for Halloween 2013!  A free flash fiction story to read.  Spooky!

Good Neighbors--Appearing in September issue of the Mysterical-E Mystery Magazine online.

Sadie and the Museum Lady
A short story about a folk artist, inspired by a woman who lived near us in Ft. Worth, Texas
Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, 2012

Edgar Allan and Virginia, Forevermore
A short story about what it means to live with an author.
Kings River Life Magazine, May 2012

One Little Thing
A flash fiction mystery story inspired by a comment made on a mystery reader's listserv.
Bobbi A. Chukran Author Blog, June 2012

Revenge of the Ulagu - A Texas gothic, macabre short story inspired by a Cherokee myth.
Clockwise Cat Literary Magazine/Blog, July 2008

The Winged Crusader - A short story inspired by watching birds building a nest. A bit gothic.
Clockwise Cat Literary Magazine/Blog, July 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Naughty! - A short humorous garden story.

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