Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Free Kindle Book--Perfect for reading aloud during the holiday season!

CATTYWAMPUS CHRISTMAS, Christmas comedy novella, is free for the Kindle for a week starting Wednesday, December 7. Like a lot of my short mystery fiction, it's also set in the tiny Texas town of "Nameless," although with some new characters.

When Dorothy Norton (Dot) returns to her parent's home for the holidays and gets bonked on the head by a Volkswagen-wielding neighbor, all sorts of strange things are set in motion. From a traditional Christmas turned upside down to an errant computer to a Santa Claus that is not your typical ho-ho-ho jolly old elf, this hilarious tale will make you laugh out loud and maybe even lose a bit of your eggnog. This "clean read" is perfect for reading aloud during the holiday season.

The book is based on one of my prize-winning young adult plays. Think the Wizard of Oz meets Lost in Space meets Monty Python. With no murders. :-)

The Story of this Novella

This story was based on a play I wrote for a competition a few years ago. I wanted to pay homage to the Wizard of Oz, the legend of Santa Claus, and my love for old toys—not to mention play around with a few really bad puns and some pop-cultural references I hope my readers will enjoy. It finally came together in an award-winning play titled "Dot and the (Amazing Technicolor) Quest for the Real Santa Claus." Ever since then, I've wanted to turn it into a novella. While I was editing the manuscript, the characters got busy and expanded the story a bit.

I hope you enjoy the heart-warming trip to the North Pole as Dot takes a journey of the imagination with Cattywampus Horatio Bonaparte, the black cat, Bo Raggley, the stuffed rag doll, Robot and the Christmas Fairy.

By the way, as a young woman, I did make a stuffed doll named "Bo Raggley" for one of my nieces. As far as I know, that doll never talked. But she was always interested in fashion. ;-)

Thanks for looking, and happy holidays!

bobbi c.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Story Accepted for New Anthology!

I'm pleased as a grackle in the Wal-Mart parking lot to announce that a new mystery short story, Cat's Outta the Bag, will be published in the upcoming (mid-March) anthology, BLACK COFFEE---STORIES FROM THE NOIR SIDE OF TOWN (Darkhouse Books).

 It's a dark tale of infidelity, nefarious doings, murder and mayhem set in Texas, right outside Austin. And yes, there's a cat in the story. ;-)

Stay tuned for further news!

Happy trails,

bobbi c.