Saturday, December 5, 2015

Light-hearted family fun!

Why not start a tradition of reading aloud a story or novella at Christmas-time? Here's a good place to start, and the price has been reduced to $1.99 for the holiday season for the Kindle e-book. It's also available in paperback.
Think "the Wizard of Oz meets Monty Python." :-)

A delightful tale the whole family will love! Laugh-out-loud funny, this holiday fantasy will warm your heart. When Dorothy Norton (Dot) returns to her parent's home for the holidays and gets bonked on the head by her neighbor's car while out chasing a runaway inflatable, all sorts of strange things are set in motion.

From a traditional Christmas turned upside down to strange toys that come to life and a Santa Claus that is not your typical ho-ho-ho jolly old elf, this hilarious tale will make you laugh out loud and maybe even lose a bit of your eggnog.

And furthermore, it's a heartwarming (or is that heartBURN?), nostalgic holiday tale about Christmas family traditions and the consumer culture and lots of wonderful horrendous puns, British dialect and lots of pop references and what-not. And dreams that come true. (Or do they?)

And yes! There's even Elvis. Of course. How could there NOT be?

A 17,000 word fast-read "clean" story suitable for all ages.

Happy trails!

bobbi c.