Friday, July 17, 2015

New Science Fiction Anthology--STORIES FROM THE WORLD OF TOMORROW: The Way the Future Was!

I'm pleased to announce that my macabre science fiction story, Perfect Progeny, has been published in the new Darkhouse Books anthology, STORIES FROM THE WORLD OF TOMORROW: The Way the Future Was!

Editor Andrew MacRae and Wenda Morrone, fellow Dorothy-L and Short Mystery Fiction Society members, also have stories in the book.

Other contributors are: Thresher Grey, Cassandra L., Michael Chandos, Matthew Pedersen, Michael McAndrews Bailey, Sebastien Mantle, Stephen Hill, Craig J. Ham, Raymond K. Rugg, Deborah Walker, William Stanforth, Rick Bruner, Donna Stephanie Cage and Amanda Bergloff.

This was a really fun story to research and write. The premise was interesting--what ABOUT all those new inventions they touted at the 1939 NYC World's Fair? What happened to them? Did they ever come about? I used the relatively new invention of hydroponics that amazed people at the fair (Growing food in water? Incredible!), coupled with my own contemporary concerns about GMO foods to craft a dark story about the possibilities.

BTW, for some fascinating historical photos, check out this site:

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