Saturday, August 16, 2014

First (great!) Review for DYE, DYEING, DEAD

 Dear friends,

The first review of my new mystery novella, DYE, DYEING, DEAD, was published this morning in the Kings River Life magazine. I love reviews like this, because it confirms that readers "get" my characters and what I'm trying to do with the story.

And the fact that the reviewer, Cynthia Chow, is a librarian is icing on the cake. :-)
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"After the end of her marriage and equipped with a college degree that usually requires additional doctorates to insure employment, the chance to live with her aunt was a godsend for folklorist Kendra Harper. The contrast between Austin and tiny Nameless, Texas was a bit of a shock, but it gives Kendra the chance to research and write about ghost stories and local legends. When Kendra isn’t at a cemetery photographing tombstones, she helps Aunt Jewel with gardening classes. The most recent is the prophetically titled Dyeing with Plants workshop.

The class for the Nameless Garden Club has a rocky start as the ladies arrive fully dressed for a formal Southern Tea and bring along their own heckler. Eula-Mae Bunch spends the entire workshop denouncing the need for natural dyes while praising cheaper manufactured versions. Aunt Jewel finally kicks Eula-Mae out. The next time the abrasive woman is seen, she’s a corpse.

Jewel’s neighbor declares he witnessed Jewel kill Eula-Mae which means the sheriff isn’t going to look too hard in any other direction. Knowing how gossip can damage a reputation, Kendra and her best friend Jeremy Clifford conduct their own investigation to discover who among Eula-Mae’s many enemies was finally pushed over the edge. The fact that Eula-Mae was on a righteous march to censor the library certainly doesn’t make her any more sympathetic.

As a novella, the pace moves quickly while still fleshing out the characters of Kendra and her closest friends. Readers may spot the clues and the identity of the murderer far ahead of Kendra, but she has the task of weeding through numerous suspects, none of whom are shedding a tear for Eula-Mae. The tone remains light with Jeremy encapsulating most of the humor with his eccentricities and Spock ears. Kendra has a low-key romantic relationship with a deputy and even Aunt Jewel may have a potential beau on the horizon which makes this a very funny and romantic blend of Southern charm and mystery."

Thank you, Cynthia, and thank you Lorie!

bobbi c.

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