Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ghoulies and Ghosties and The Woman in Black

I've been reading lots of classic ghost stories lately and decided to finally read THE WOMAN IN BLACK novel.  I saw the movie (with Daniel Radcliffe when it first came out) and loved the story.  I kept hearing rumors that the stage-play version and the book version had different endings, so that intrigued me.

I finished the book last night and sure enough, the ending is different than the movie.  The horror was subtle, but effective, and it was written almost like a Victorian novel. No spoilers, sweetie!  I will say that the book left me with a more upbeat feeling. Now I'm looking forward to getting the stage play and reading it and perhaps seeing it performed someday.

Who's that, sneaking up behind you?
Why all this interest?  I've always loved what I call "light horror" and decided that one of my newest projects will be a ghost story, maybe a novella or in the least, a long short story.  I have written a few short comedy ghost story/sketches, but  nothing as ambitious as a novella.  Let's just say that moving into an old house with strange noises has inspired me. :-)

bobbi c.

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