Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Dear friends,

I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of new scripts of my LITTLE RED RIDING BOOTS & COOTER COYOTE, MASTER OF DISGUISE play from Brooklyn Publishers.  This one-act play (great for competitions) was a long time coming, and was based on a children's book I wrote back over ten years ago.  And they say I have no patience.  LOL

(By the way, this play is in NO way associated with the children's picture book that came out last year with the SAME title.  I hate that this happened, but apparently the editor didn't search to make sure the title wasn't already taken.  GRRRR.)

In other news, I ran across a school performance of ANNIERELLA that jazzed me big time.  In Nebraska, this time.  Take a look at the awesome cast photos!

Looks like the kids won some One-Act-Play awards for it, too.  Love that!


Happy trails from Texas!

bobbi c.