Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Short Story -- Aunt Jewel & the Poisoned Potlikker

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Aunt Jewel and the Poisoned Potlikker

Number Three in my "Nameless, Texas" short story series!

A new 4,800 word cozy mystery short story from Bobbi A. Chukran. . .

When Kendra Louise Harper's Aunt Jewel decides to make a traditional "mess" of turnip greens to take to the annual Giving of Thanks community dinner and gathering in Nameless, Texas (population 2,354), little does she know that her special dish will become the source of widespread illness and even a death. The disaster comes a bit too close to home when Kendra's best friend, Jeffrey, becomes violently ill after he eats a "healthy" amount of the greens.

Question is, who would poison the potlikker, and why?  How did it happen?  Why was Aunt Jewel's dish targeted?

What exactly DID Bertha Smithton see early that morning at Aunt Jewel's house?

What would motivate someone in the little community to take such desperate measures?

Filled with quirky characters, this latest cozy mystery in the "Nameless, Texas" short story series will delight those who love tales of small town murder.

Includes free recipe for "Aunt Jewel's Slow Cooker Turnip Greens with Potlikker" and a free chapter from LONE STAR DEATH.

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