Thursday, May 23, 2013

What's PRINCESS PRIMROSE all about, anyway?

I spent all day yesterday working on formatting "gremlins" and resizing the artwork in my upcoming PRINCESS PRIMROSE & the CURSE OF THE BIG SLEEP.  This is the stuff you wish you'd known before you spent a month making museum quality artwork.  Ha. Let's just say, if you can't see it on an i-Phone, it's too detailed for an e-book. For cryin' out loud!

Anyway, since I had to write a description of PRINCESS PRIMROSE before I upload it to, I decided to share it here.  Especially since everybody's been clamoring (OK, a few people asked) to know what it's all about. Here we go!  
Miss Slumberkins to the rescue. She has a unique talent; she can only reverse spells.  Sometimes.
PRINCESS PRIMROSE and the CURSE OF THE BIG SLEEP is a comedy fairy tale detective caper, suitable for all ages.

Moribunda McEvil (a wicked witch) is furious when she learns from Snitch, a tattle-tale fairy, that she has a beautiful niece (Princess Primrose) that she's never seen.  With the help of her sidekick Eargore (a spell gone really, really wrong), she quickly sets out to ruin Primrose's life by putting a sleeping curse on her.

In a fit of remorse, Snitch runs to the palace to warn Queen Floribunda and King Rosario about the curse (otherwise known as BLABBING), but in his hurry he misunderstands and gets everything wrong. 

The Queen hires S. White & R. Rapunzel, Inquiry Agents, to help.  But by the time they get to the palace, it's too late--Princess Primrose has had an accident and fallen into a Big Sleep. The case is dire!

With the assistance of their seven elven sidekicks (Nosy, Snoops, Sherlock, Stealthy, Creeper, Gumshoe and Marlowe), and a young witch who can only reverse spells (Miss Slumberkins), Snow White and Rapunzel Rapunzel search the kingdom for a Prince. What they end up with is a an enchanted frog who's afraid of germs (Prince Thaddeus A. Pole, AKA “Tad”), a motley assortment of enchanted creatures and Weasel the Wizard, who makes a bargain with the detectives for an essential potion that will save the day.

Filled with fun word play, misunderstandings and hilarious dialogue (and a happy, yet twisted ending), this story will delight anyone who still believes in magic.  No matter how old you are!

You'll never look at a frog the same way again.

Happy trails!

bobbi c.

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