Saturday, October 13, 2012

We're doing the RENFIELD RAP! Just in time for Halloween

Here at Two Sisters Cottage, we're doing the Renfield Rap!  Check it:

Flies? Fliiiies, did you say? I love flies!  
Latrodectus hesperusDrosophila melanogaster!  
Latrodectus variolus! I love them all! 
Crunchy munchy, they’re all so nice. 
 Crunchy munchy with sugar and spice! 
 Flies, flies, flies!”

 I tell ya, he's off his head, and he's rappin'!  And who is that young woman with the absolutely enormous hat?  And who is that strange new neighbor who creeps about the 'hood, wanting to borrow onions in the middle of the night?  And what's happened to poor Miss Lucy?  Lucy, put that poor baby DOWN right now! It's positively fiendish!

You'll read about them all in The Journal of Mina Harker.

 Just in time for Halloween (my favorite holiday), I'm reducing the price of my *THE JOURNAL OF MINA HARKER* stage play e-script to just $1.99, (or FREE with AMAZON PRIME) published for the Kindle on This is my loose (very loose) fast read adaptation of the classic DRACULA novel, by Bram Stoker, and it's all fun!

One Five Star  review says:

This is Dracula ala Mel Brooks!  
"Don't be put off because this is a theatre script - it's as enjoyable to read as any book. If you laughed at "Young Frankenstein," you'll love this twisted take on "Dracula." The plot and characters are straight out of Bram Stoker but with a wickedly funny slant. Renfield is a scream! The only thing better than reading this version would be seeing a production."
Look into my eyes!  You are getting very sleepy.  You are going over to the Amazon website now.
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"For cryin' out loud!  It's ONLY $1.99!"
Thank you very kindly,

bobbi c.

P.S.  This play is available for productions.  Contact the playwright.  Just sayin'.

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