Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One Little Thing---A free mystery short story

Mystery writers can be strange.  It's just the way we're drawn.  On one of my online listservs, we've been talking about the logistics of how to hide a body in a septic tank, a landfill or some other not-easily-located place.  On another list, we're talking about amateur sleuths and what bugs us about them.  I can't help myself sometimes; I just have that Inner Spoof thing going and this stuff has gotta come out!  When a member of the group mentioned the time worn idea that the amateur sleuth finds way too many bodies, this short story came to me.  Enjoy!  And yes, it's a spoof, and yes, it's the brand new, unedited version.  :-)

Happy trails y'all!

bobbi c./b.a. neal

One Little Thing
By  B. A. Neal

“Aren’t you the one that found that body last year?  The one stuffed into the septic tank at that old farmhouse?” the Sheriff asked her.

“Well, yes, Sheriff, as a matter of fact, that was me,” she answered, modestly.

“And here you are again—right in the middle of another big mess!  How do you explain that?” he asked.

“I just have the knack, I guess.” She shrugged.

“Either that, or you’re the killer!”  He looked her up and down, suspiciously.

She smiled. “Who, me?  I’m just a little old lady who loves to knit.  I saw all the lights and thought I’d come over and check it out.  I’ll go back home now, if you don’t need my help.  I need to get two more rows finished on this damned afghan before bedtime.”

“No, we don’t need your help. Please go home.  We're the experts here."

She started to walk away, then stopped. “There is just this one little thing….” 

The End


Jan Christensen said...

Yep, that's the way it starts. LOL Good one, Bobbi.

About Bobbi C. said...

Thanks, Ant Jan! Glad you liked it. I actually might continue it at some point. Depends on how chatty the sleuth is. LOL. Happy trails! bobbi c.

Earl Staggs said...

Hi, Bobbi. Saw this on DL and thought it was very cute. Works as a standalone spoof or as the beginning of a longer story. I'll keep an eye peeled to see where you go with it.

About Bobbi C. said...

Hi, Earl! Thanks! I wasn't sure it went through. I got a message that the list was over the 100 messages a day limit. Didn't know there was a limit over there.

When I wrote it, I intended it to be the end of the story, but then my mind went to work. Thing is, does the world need another old nosy lady sleuth? LOL.

Sharon said...

Love it, Bobbi. Jessica Fletcher meets Miss Marple. Run with it and see where it goes.

About Bobbi C. said...

Hi Sharon! I'll have to check in with HER and see what she thinks. I'm not even sure what her name is yet. She'd probably rather be sleuthing than knitting, though. LOL

Happy trails, and thanks for commenting!

bobbi c.