Saturday, December 31, 2011


I just put the finishing touches on a new ten-minute play titled EDGAR ALLAN & VIRGINIA, FOREVERMORE, just in time for Valentine's Day.   Yes, Edgar Allan as in POE.  

Set in 1845 right before the publication of THE RAVEN, EDGAR ALLAN & VIRGINIA, FOREVERMORE is a two-hander (one male, one female with the male being older) comedy about love, marriage, Valentine's Day and the reality of living with an author.   Funny how some things never change.

The setting is a simple table with two chairs, and just a few props.  Costumes are standard Victorian.

Before I wrote the play, I did quite a bit of research on Edgar's life and his marriage to his much younger cousin, Virginia.  I've always been a fan, and read his stories over and over in high school and afterwards.  They never cease to thrill me.  I tried to sprinkle snippets of his "phraseology" into the play, to give it a period feeling while still using my signature word play.

I'm seeking productions and readings for this new play. For more information, please contact the playwright, Bobbi A. Chukran, by e-mail.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Resolutions, anyone?

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, as such.  I do try to think about my goals for the next year, though.  Since we've been working on our huge remodeling project of the 1930's house, I haven't had as much time to write as I'd like to.  I find myself spending a lot of time chatting online with friends. Granted, we do talk about writing, but that ain't exactly gettin' the writing DONE and out there.  So I decided that in 2012, I will excavate those little gems from my the depths of my writing drawer, polish them up and find someplace to send them.

Oddly enough, I realized that many of my poems and stories are what some might call "speculative" fiction.   So be it!  I also want to write another full-length play for youth theatre using some new tips I've learned.

I hope all of you have a safe and Happy New Year, and that your writing dreams come true!  From our family to yours!

Happy trails (tails?) from Texas!

bobbi c.