Monday, November 28, 2011


My JOURNAL OF MINA HARKER vampire play e-script for the Kindle has just been put on sale for 99-cents!  This is a limited time offer.  Suitable for young adults and adults, any vampire comedy lover would swoon to have a copy of their own!

Here are current reviews, from Amazon:

"Don't be put off because this is a theatre script - it's as enjoyable to read as any book. If you laughed at "Young Frankenstein," you'll love this twisted take on "Dracula." The plot and characters are straight out of Bram Stoker but with a wickedly funny slant. Renfield is a scream! The only thing better than reading this version would be seeing a production."  S.D.

"This play was fun to read and very entertaining. The characters, especially Renfield and Lucy, were a hoot! The play was easy to read and read more like a fast-paced novel than a playscript."  D. H.

"The Journal of Mina Harker is definitely a play schools should consider for production. It's funny, sly humor with some broad humor thrown in for contrast, and the familiarity of the Dracula legend makes for good fun and crowd pleasing potential. Reads well and will play even better. "

Happy trails, and thanks for supporting an emerging playwright!

bobbi c.

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