Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New fairy tale smash-up play! PRINCESS PRIMROSE

Announcing a new play by Bobbi A. Chukran!!!

From the Casefiles of Rapunzel & White, In Service to Her Majesty the Queen

What if two of the most famous fairy tale women, Rapunzel Rapunzel and Snow White were friends, and got together and started a detective agency? They'd have seven little sidekicks (Nosy, Snoops, Sherlock, Stealthy, Creeper, Gumshoe and Marlowe) and be called in to help when a certain princess (Primrose) was threatened by her aunt, a wicked witch (Moribunda McEvil) and her faithful partner, Eargore (a spell gone really bad). Mix in Queen Floribunda, King Rosario, Chester the Jester, Snitch, the tattle-tale fairy who can't get his story straight, a young witch that can only reverse spells (Miss Slumberkins), an enchanted frog that's afraid of germs (Thaddeus A. Pole), and Weasel the Wizard.

You'll never look at a frog the same way again. :-)

Comedy; App. 65-minutes; cast of 21 plus some a few motley enchanted creatures, typical fairy tale setting and costumes. Family friendly (of course), suitable for adult, high school and advanced middle school actors.

This play is available for readings. Please contact the playwright for more information.

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