Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What others are saying about ANNIERELLA:

A blurb from my first director, Jack Dyville, about ANNIERELLA:

"As producer of Youth Education On Stage, we have found that doing SUMMER SHORTS, a short play festival is the ideal way to give more grade school children each summer that all important opportunity to sink their teeth into roles (even if they are brief plays) rather than just playing a tree or third chorus kid to the left!!!
With "Annierella" my cast had so much fun with these folksey characters and had the opportunity to create roles that had meaning to them. The dialogue was clever and the jokes were strong. The audiences loved it and it moved the judges -- winning the Best Over-All Production of the Festival".
---Jack Dyville Co-Producer Youth Education On Stage (Williston North Dakota) and Artistic Director, Friends Always Creating Theatre (NYC)

ANNIERELLA was also one of the featured plays announced by the publisher today. You may read it online here:

Brooklyn Publishing Announces the Publication of two versions of ANNIERELLA

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