Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Ten-Minute Play....The Lonely Cowboy

Howdy Folks!

Just finished a new ten-minute comedy western play titled The Lonely Cowboy, suitable for all ages! Guaranteed to have no spittin', no cursin', no horsin' around and no naughty bits! Well, maybe just a little horsin' around. :-)

Lonely Cowboy is sitting out alone in the desert, beside his campfire, happy as a pig in slop. What happens when a string of colorful characters decide to pay him a visit? There's the Grizzled Prospector looking for gold, the Dancehall Girl who jumped out of an overturned stagecoach, the Singin' Cowboy and the Preacher.

This fun play has a cast of four males, one female or two males, one female and two other females dressed as males.

E-mail me for information on readings or if you'd like to produce this play.

Happy trails!

bobbi c.
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