Monday, June 10, 2013

The characters speak....Moribunda McEvil

Dear friends,

The characters in my latest book, a new middle grade fantasy, Princess Primrose and the Curse of The Big Sleep, are certainly chatty!  So I decided to feature them, one by one, here on the blog and let them have their say.

Today, meet Moribunda McEvil.  She's sooo evil that she was elected the president of SOWWWW, Society of Wicked Witches, Wizards and Warlocks.

When Moribunda learns that her sister, Queen Floribunda, has a beautiful daughter (who's about to turn fourteen-years-old), she's fit to be tied!  She immediately sets out to whomp up a spell that will make the queen's life miserable.  Enter Snitch, the Tattle-Tale Fairy, and things get out of hand---in a BIG way!  Let's just say that misunderstandings lead to some hilarious unfortunate incidents!

Read the first chapter of Princess Primrose FREE here.  Now available on as an e-book (only $2.99) or paperback on sale June 15th!

Happy trails!

bobbi c.


Margot Finke said...

Way cool, Bobbi.

Good luck with this book.

Margot Finke

Bobbi Chukran, Author/Illustrator & Award-Winning Playwright said...

Thanks, mate! It was fun to do, too.