Saturday, January 22, 2011

I am right chuffed!

One thing I do with my plays is offer some of the new unproduced and unpublished short ones to schoolteachers who use them in reading or playwriting exercises. In the past, school classes in several places in the U.S. have read my plays, and that was thrilling. Recently, I got an e-mail from an elementary school teacher in Cambridge, England who wanted to use one of my short plays with some drama exercises in her primary school class, to get them ready for a Wild West theme. I LOVED this idea, and sent her a few scripts that she's using now (The Lonely Cowboy and Little Red Riding Boots). I'm honored that the teacher reached out to me, all the way here to Texas. I hope eventually I'll get a report on how the kids used my plays for their exercises.

Happy trails from cold Texas!

bobbi c.