Saturday, April 25, 2009

Woohoo! ANNIERELLA's a Semi-Finalist!


I just found out yesterday that my play, ANNIERELLA AND THE (VERY AWESOME) GOOD QUEEN FAIRY COWMOTHER, is a semi-finalist in the SUMMER SHORTS 4, Youth Education on Stage Play Festival in Williston, ND!

I. AM. SO. JAZZED! This play has a long history already. Well, the story does, anyway. It started out as a story I wrote over FIVE years ago that was to be a children's book. At that time, it didn't quite come together for me, and I was doing other things, so I tucked her into a drawer. She wasn't content to stay there, though, so I took it out a few years later and rewrote it as a play. The first version of the play was much longer.

In order to submit it to the Summer Shorts Festival, I had to cut it down drastically, to TEN minutes! I thought, I cannot do this! But I love challenges,and after realizing that the original Cinderella story (which this is loosely based on)was only a couple of pages long. Once I got over that mind block, it was easier for me to cut the story down, and I think it actually reads better in some parts. The characters started rhyming and the words flowed.

I'm hoping that in the coming years, a lot of folks will want to produce ANNIERELLA! Either the long or the shorter version.

Now, children book author friends of mine tell me I need to turn it back into a book! Why not? LOL

Happy trails from Texas! and stay tuned for more news of ANNIERELLA and that crazy FAIRY COWMOTHER!

bobbi c.